The Autumn Cup: Race Day Information

by 29th October 2021

Welcome back to F100 Kart Club at Buckmore Park for our Autumn Cup event.

We’re so glad to have you all here racing here again with us.

Those that follow F100 will see that our 2021 F100 90’s British tour has finished for another year, and last week we were very privileged to hold the TKM Britains Finest Event which saw the best drivers from around the U.K. return to Buckmore for the first time in quite a few years.

We’re sorry to see the tyre situation has worsened since our Summer Cup round and our chosen tyre has now fallen victim to supply issues.

Hopefully over the winter, stock will catch up and we can hit the ground running next year.

This weekend we are practicing again under Motorsport UK Permit, which gives you much greater peace of mind as we give you the same level of medical cover, insurance and safety you’d expect when you’re racing.

Hopefully all clubs will soon follow the F100 example to keep pushing the envelope for improved safety.
This month you’ll notice a couple of new recruits carrying out F100 duties, Lucy has taken on the roll of running our new TikTok and Instagram accounts. She will also be assisting the Clerking Team with Observational duties during racing.

And Daniel will be an F100 Runner on practice days and assisting the Scrutineering team. If you see them around the paddock please make our new volunteers feel welcome.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekends racing and wish everyone the greatest luck and success on track this weekend.

Jay Fairbrass, Chris Derrick
Your F100 Team

F100 Round 4 2021 Buckmore Park Poster

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